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WHERE IS THE FUN?if there is no mystery.

The number of monkeypox cases in Europe has exceeded 100

Recently, the rare disease monkeypox has spread in different countries of the world. In Europe, the infection has reached alarming proportions. The number of infected people in Europe has already exceeded 100.

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Tourist plane crashes in France, 5 killed

Five people, including four members of the same family, were killed when a tourist plane crashed in the French Alps.

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Zelensky's 'new strategy' to get compensation from Russia

Ukraine's President Vladimir Zelensky has announced a strategy to formalize a formal agreement with the Allies to compensate Russia for the destruction of its infrastructure.

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China is buying more oil from Russia at a low price

China secretly buys more oil from Russia at a low price. the news is confirmed by Reuters. After the start of the Ukraine invasion, European countries reduced buying oil from Russia, that's why Russia searching for a new market for selling their oil, and China is one of them.

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Titanoboa - The Monster Snake That Ever lived

Can you say the largest snack name in the world? That's right it's anaconda. No doubt an anaconda is a giant snake, but this giant is a baby compared to the largest snake that lived on the earth for a long time.

Richard Joseph

11 Scariest Trees From Around The World

we all know what tree is and we also know how important they are for our environment. But some trees are a little bit scary and different from other trees. So here are 20 scary trees from around the world.


The Darkest Knight

If we want to fully understand the origin of 'The Darkest Knight' we have to know a little bit about 'The Batman Who Laughs'. the batman who laughs was created by Scott Snyder and Greg capullo and first appeared in dark days casting number one in 2017 with his first full appearance coming in teen titans number 12.

Noah Liam

Dogwelder: The Worst Superhero

Dogwelder, The thing we know about this guy is that he lived in the alley. He can't talk and always wear a welding mask. Dogwelder spent his time trapping and killing dogs in alleyways.

Thomas Charles

Nina The Killer

Nina Hopkins is 11 years old and was moved to a new school to be closer to home. Nina wasn’t one of those motivated girls who got up with the energy to open the window and let in the light to take advantage of the morning to ride a bike. No. She simply enjoyed watching anime, listening to music,and playing the guita

Thomas Charles

The Japanese Cursed Doll Okiku

It all started in 1918 when a 17 years old girl called Eikichi Suzuki bought a doll for her 2-year-old little sister kikuko. kikuko loved her new doll and spent all day playing with her and named her Okiku. They were inseparable and went everywhere together until tragedy hit the family.

Yui Sakura