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Yui Sakura


4 months ago

The Japanese Cursed Doll Okiku

It all started in 1918 when a 17 years old girl called Eikichi Suzuki bought a doll for her 2-year-old little sister kikuko.

The doll was 40cm tall and was wearing a traditional Japanese kimono.

Her eyes were black and her face of white china. Her black hair was at shoulder level.

kikuko was a sick little girl so she couldn't leave the house much, so she loved her new doll and spent all day playing with her and named her Okiku.

They were inseparable and went everywhere together until tragedy hit the family.

kikuko died due to high temperature.

As it is a tradition in Japan, on the day of kikuko's cremation, her family placed her most loved objects to burnt with her, but they forgot about the doll. And when they realized, they decided to keep it, in memory of her little girl, and they placed her loved doll on an altar along with her ashes.

From that moment on, they started to feel something strange was happening in the house.

The doll's black hair started to grow. And it didn't take long for it to reach the knees.

But the family didn't get scared, they believed it was kikuko's spirit inside the doll,

From time to time the family cut the doll's hair, to keep it nice and pretty, but it grew again.

With the beginning of world war 2 in 1939, the Suzuki decided to move to the lsle of Sakhalin, and they took the doll to the Mannenji Temple, in the city of lwamizawa, where they thought it would be better off.

They explained to the priest there the supernatural characteristics of the doll, but he didn't really believe them.

However, soon after, all monks could see with their own eyes how the hir grew and grew.

The doll Okiku is still in the Mannenji temple, in the Japanese prefecture of Hokkaido.

Every year thousands of curious people want to check with their own eyes what is said about this doll.

Nowadays, they say it's not only the hair that has transformed but also the lips that closed in the past and opened now with some humidity even.

They also say her fixed eyes seem to be looking at the visitor, as if she was alive, looking more and more like a human being.

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