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Noah Liam


4 months ago

The Darkest Knight

The Darkest Knight is one of the strongest characters in DC comics history, And if we want to fully understand his origin then we have to know a little bit about 'The Batman Who Laughs'

The Batman Who Laughs

the batman who laughs was created by Scott Snyder and Greg capullo and first appeared in dark days casting number one in 2017 with his first full appearance coming in teen titans number 12. And this guy is basically just bruce Wayne from earth negative 22 who has pretty much the same origin story as the batman of the main dc continuity right his parents get murdered when he was young then he endures years of training to become a vigilante dedicated to rid Gotham City of crime and eventually becomes batman.

Like the main version of batman, the joker is his arch-nemesis.

But this version of the joker figures out the joker toxin that he'd been using was actually killing him so he kills all of batman's other rogues as well as commissioner Gordon because he just wanted to take out as many people as he could before he died.

But the joker then drugs batman which paralyzes him and continues his killing spree with batman forced to watch but unable to stop him.

Batman kills the Joker

Now when the drug wears off and batman moves again he kills the joker but when he dies the joker releases some of the toxin within his heart which infects batman.

Two days after the murder of the Joker, Batman and Superman talked about what had happened. Though he felt no guilt, he affirmed that he was not planning to make killing a regular thing. Superman assured him that the S.T.A.R. Labs branch in Metropolis had agreed to take care of all the kids who had been infected by the Joker Venom. When Superman mentioned how one of the children bit one of the doctors, Batman let out a small laugh which surprised both of them and alarmed Bruce.

Three days later, Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Red Robin were training in the Batcave and talked to Bruce about his worsening condition. Though they all offered to help the Bat however they could, Batman rebutted that he didn't want any help and revealed that the real reason he called them was that he knew they would be the first to notice something was wrong with him and warn the other heroes, something he couldn't allow to happen. And then he surprised them by doing something they were unprepared for: pull out a pair of hidden machine guns and shoot them all dead.

Batman kills his allies

Bruce later convinced his son Damian to join his side and transformed the boy with Joker Venom to be like him. He also retrieved all the Joker-transformed children from the original attack and turned them into his new army of pet Rabid Robins.

And batman then able to kill the rest of the justice league using weapons stored at the watchtower and uses black kryptonite to drive superman and his son john insane driving them to kill lois lane and each other.

Now from this point on bruce wayne becomes 'the batman who laughs' a hybrid of batman and joker.

The Beginning of The Darkest Knight

The people of Earth -22 fought back against the Bat's terrorism, but Bruce annihilated everything they threw at him until only he and his Robins were all that remained.

A world in ruins

The last one to face him was his butler Alfred, who almost managed to defeat Bruce by rigging his cave, his vehicles, and all his equipment. However, by convincing Alfred that there was still hope for him, Bruce managed to trap Alfred in a lower level of sub-caves. Bruce kept him a prisoner for a long time, feeding him scraps and whispering to him to drive him insane. Bruce managed to break Alfred to become his loyal servant again.

As his world began to fade from existence, Barbatos arrived and revealed the rest of the Dark Multiverse to him and his plans to go after the true Multiverse as well. Believing him to be the ideal Bat to help him, Barbatos made Bruce the spearhead for his plans to drag all of creation into darkness.

In the Multiverse, a lot of things happened, but in short, what happened is 'batman who laughs' goes to every Multiverse and destroys them, until the Batman Who Laughs fought against the Justice League and was killed by Wonder Woman using a chainsaw built using parts of the Invisible Jet to essentially take out batman.

Death Metal: Wonder Woman Murdered Batman Who Laughs

But because he is batman even if he is an alternate reality version of batman, he of course has a contingency plan in place in the event of his death.

In this case, he had observed a version of Bruce Wayne that had found the button belonging to the comedian of the watchmen and had built a machine to study it and so the batman who laughs traps this version of Bruce Wayne in the machine and then turns it on replicating the incident that he created dr manhattan in the watchman universe and effectively turning that version of Bruce Wayne into dr manhattan and so the batman who laughs quickly lobotomizes this version of bruce and then puts his comatose body away for safekeeping.

after he's killed by wonder woman 'the batman who laughs' followers take his brain and implant it in the body of the doctor manhattan bruce wayne becoming a new entity that he calls bat hat.

With that, he's become an extremely powerful entity, but he would not remain in this form for long as he would soon remake himself into a thin wraith-like being of pure energy and then dub himself The Darkest Knight.

The Darkest Knight

Now the darkest knight's goal was to prevent wonder woman from recruiting the multiverse and instead create one in his own image that contains 52 planets of nightmares which he basically called the last 52.

Now before he goes through this plan to create the last 52 multiverse, he confronts perpetua, who created the multiverse.

the darkest knight vs perpetua

Batman is able to kill her by trapping her within pieces of the source wall.

So not only can the darkest knight create multiverses in his own image, but he was also able to kill what up to that point was probably the most powerful character introduced in dc comics.

Now at this point, you may wonder how a character as powerful as the darkest knight was ever even defeated.

And the answer is plot armor wonder woman.

the darkest knight vs wonder woman

As the Darkest Knight reveals in his victory, he is confronted by a golden clad version of Wonder Woman. The two fight through time and space, with the Darkest Knight bringing Diana to the beginning of the Universe and the hand of Perpetua. Confronting her with how he can keep the Hands (others of Perpetua's people) from erasing the Universe, he requests that he join her or else the Universe will be wiped from existence. Diana responds by punching him using Perpetua's own hand. She strikes the Darkest Knight several times as they plummet through the future towards the last embers of the Death Sun. The Darkest Knight becomes fearful of Diana's newfound energy and, noticing the arrival of the Hands, pleads with her to join him; screaming in vain, the Darkest Knight is thrown into the Sun and kiling him.

Things just got out of hand. #DoctorStrange

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