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Richard Joseph


3 months ago

Titanoboa - The Monster Snake That Ever lived

Can you say the largest snack name in the world? That's right it's anaconda.
No doubt an anaconda is a giant snake, but this giant is a baby compared to the largest snake that lived on the earth for a long time. it's titanoboa.

Haer is a quick comparison between Titanoboa and anaconda.

Titanoboa vs Anaconda

Titanoboa Anaconda
Titanoboa is 13 meters or 43 - 50 feet long. Anaconda is 15 - 20 feet long.
Titanoboa weighs over a ton. Anaconda weighs over 200 pounds.
Titanoboa lived about 10 million years ago. Anaconda still exists.

Fun Facts


If you lay two giraffes on the ground, Titanoboa will still be the longer.

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