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Thomas Charles


4 months ago

Dogwelder: The Worst Superhero

Dogwelder, The thing we know about this guy is that he lived in the alley. He can't talk and always wear a welding mask.

Dogwelder spent his time trapping and killing dogs in alleyways.

He fights evil by catching criminals, And his way of teaching them a lesson is he welds the dog's heads to their faces.

Dogwelder was a member of Section Eight.

Dogwelder never speaks and he never shows his face.

Dogwelder was vaporized and killed when Section Eight fought The Many Angled Ones.


Dogwelder is Created by Steve Dillion and first appeared in Garth Ennis and John McCrea's Hitman #18 (September 1997)

Nina The Killer

Nina Hopkins is 11 years old and was moved to a new school to be closer to home. Nina wasn’t one

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